How safe is nuclear power

I am quite amazed what one can read in those free papers and magazines that are given out at Underground stations and in this copy of Shortlist, page 37, there is an article about nuclear power. This seems to want to convince us that nuclear power is really not all that bad and that we need more of it instead of less.

The reasoning is completely beside the point it compares having a car accident with having a nuclear accident and puts this in the perspective of there is a 10.000:1 chance of dying in a car but there is a 1.000.000:1 chance of a nuclear reactor problem.

What this extra stupid comparison forgets to mention that if we have a car accident the problems created are very much isolated to the very geographical spot we happen to be on. This means only the people in the immediate vicinity of the accident will be affected. But if a nuclear reactor goes wrong the whole planet can be badly affected.

It is insane to think that just because there is a lower chance of a nuclear reactor going wrong that we now must plaster the whole country with them.

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