We love to teach slowly

I think children can learn much faster, quicker earlier than the current common curriculum allows them to do. In fact teachers must stretch out the curriculum as long as the regulations ask them to do it for. I can hinge that on a practical example from my own experience.

My child, currently 7 attended full-time and every-day nursery since age 2. At the nursery staff immediately noticed how clever she was.When she started the comprehensive schooling system, she always felt it as a negative that she had to go home, first at lunch-break and then at holidays. My child’s first nursery was open all day, in the holidays, and during normal time, the nursery was open all year, except bank holidays and Saturdays and Sundays. The nursery was open all day without a break.

Now my child sat her first SATS tests and did very well. She still does not like the holidays and would love to go to school every day. She would love to learn more and more intensively. She also loves to play with school mates as long and often as possible after school. She loves the swimming club, rainbows and youth clubs as well as dancing.

But the Comprehensive schooling system has put a spanner in the works. After school clubs have been closed and children are forced to take the long summer holidays and other holidays throughout the year. There is no financing of extra-curricular activities for talented poor children, who cannot afford to pay for extra activities. Poor children are doomed.

For sociable and talented children school is a treat and it is the adults that want to teach children that they have to enjoy taking a holiday because the adults want to have the holiday but the children do not all want to have a holiday. I am not trying to say that our home-life is horrible and that the child has particular reason not to like home or the holidays but she just wants to be kept occupied, loves holiday centers like Pontins where there is a lot of structured and supervised all-day entertainment and she also loves the stage and is always cheerful.

But despite having the surestart nursery system in Tower Hamlets the state school sector is unable to follow up an adequate schooling system for gifted and talented children who then slowly start to waste away because they are forced to learn slow and fit in with the slow learning requirements.

I do not agree with the latest Free School opening, which thinks it needs to enforce military discipline. It’s just that lazy adults need to get more cheerful and motivated because there are plenty of kids out there with good motivation but no schools to cater for them.

This poem that circulated on Facebook just about sums up the adult mentality on holidays that is not shared by kids that want to learn all the time.

“T’was the night before school started, when all through the town, the parents were cheering – a riotous sound!! By nine, kids were all washed & tucked into bed where memories of homework filled them with dread! New pencils, new folders, new notebooks too! New teachers, new friends – their anxiety grew! The PARENTS just giggled when they learned of this fright and shouted to all “GO TO BED!!!! IT’S A SCHOOL NIGHT”

It is a nice poem for the normal thinkers but for a progressive kid its a nightmare.

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