Community Radio a better alternative to East End Life

Whilst the government has now made a new fund available for innovative Crime Fighting ideas I have already sent of requests to Andy Bamber and Paul Rickett to support my applications for fund money. Either has to approve my application to roll out the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme throughout Tower Hamlets. The Neighbourhood Watch system works very well for the rest of the UK and the Neighbourhood Watch network recently launched a prize winning website.

Whilst I was thinking what might attract the attention of those wanting to help reduce crime and get back on the path of righteousness and even prevent crime and protect vulnerable residents and bring about a better community spirit that includes our local businesses I thought of Community Radio. Especially as there is this great controversy over East End Life, which uses a lot of paper, costs a lot of money and is unpopular with the free press.

Community Radio definitely makes a very viable alternative for East End Life. For a start it is much more environmentally friendly and does not use any paper. People love to listen to music in between stories and the community can share a station and people can tell about their success stories just as well as paper can. A radio station would be more successful I think and radio is much more flexible than a paper as stories can be changed quicker and on the spot. Community radio can be used by the authority to inform, by the police to warn and by the community to exchange views.

I understand it is not easy to get a licence but taking the special circumstances into account, I am hoping Ofcom will look at this further.

But as I said it all depends on Chief Inspector, Commander Paul Rickett and Andy Bamber from the Tower Hamlets Partnership to approve my plans, which will allow me to apply to the government for a grant.

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