Bernard Hogan-Howe new Met Police commissioner

This is today’s announcement that Bernard Hogan-Howe has been appointment by the Queen today. As a Neighbourhood Watch volunteer I look forward to the constructive relationship with the new Met Police Commissioner and hope he does a lot for Neighbourhood Watch in Tower Hamlets and helps actively to re-instate it as a working Association across the borough.

I excitedly read over his distinct qualifications and his desire to get rid of crime to a nil crime level, that makes a refreshing changes to Commander Rickett’s attitude who noce said that crime couldn’t possibly get any lower in Tower Hamlets. I am also very pleased that he seeks to re-classify Cannabis as a Class B drug.

Though I have to be careful what I say about Commander Rickett as I do rely on his support for my planned Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association.

This Association will bring the partnership between local residents, business and the police a step closer together from the currently working in SNT panels, which are police led and initiated. Neighbourhood Watches are local organisations, led by the community, which further law and order and also play critical friend to the police. There is an essential difference whether individuals only come together every couple of months to meet the police or whether those individuals committed to Neighbourhood Watch and are registered associations with a continuation of service of the community and not just off and on discussions.

Here in Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch has been neglected by the council as one can see from their website, whereby they refer people to the local SNTs.  I an howver hopeful that Andy Bamber and/or Detective Inspector Rickett will endorse our application for funding to encourage more Neighbourhood Watch activities in Tower Hamlets.

We all want to enjoy our neighbourhoods, we all want to be proud of our neighbourhoods and we want to live in peace and prosperity.

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