turning us into aliens

Humans keep on dreaming about aliens, how they look, where they exist, how they contact us or how we contact them. Many pictures of supposedly aliens beings have been circulated in the world. Some films even imagine that human evolution will reduce our whole physical existence to some flap of fancy tissue that contains a brain and we’ll live in little containers. But who will maintain those brains?

Now I read that a Professor George Church invented DNA mapping. The story goes that with that technology cures and preventative medications can be developed that will allow us all to reach a longer lifespan, something like 150 years. Isn’t that what we read in the bible. Yet in the bible those characters described did not reach that old-age by using DNA technology and fancy medications.

What about healthy living? Reading this article it seems we do not have to care that much about our health any longer but only pop a pill once disaster struck, like an infection or cancer striking in our bodies. That got me interested and I thought, what type of a person would have such an idea? Is it somebody who is too lazy to be fit himself. Looking at Professor Church, with all respect for his scientific genius, it becomes apparent, that he has a bit of a belly and is not exactly lean and fit and extremely healthy himself. So is it possible that a person who doesn’t look after his own health the best way possible tries to invent a way to stay healthy for all others who are not quite capable of living a purely healthy lifestyle.

Does Professor Church want to find a way around nature and tell us all, don’t worry, about eating healthy, stopping smoking, excess drinking, I can find a way to reverse the damage. I can’t really find a relationship to healthy living in this whole article. There is a mention of synthetic biology; we all read about the damage synthetic drugs do to those who take them today, the synthetic drugs are much more evil than the naturally derived ones.

Siting down with a glass of Elder flower and Pear Cordial, I can really appreciate the good things humans can make out of natural ingredients. Even in baking recipes, I am always told use the natural vanilla extract instead of the synthetic one, its better.

Of course the discussion in the article then centres around human body parts wearing out and one could get hit by a truck. That says that we are made from natural parts, grown out of body part material that can wear out and that artificially created objects can kill us easier than natural objects. It used to be the other way around, it used to be natural objects that killed us easier in the times when we still had many more wild animals living around us.

I think it is a good thing to extend a healthy life and someone’s body to the maximum effect because if we do not idealise healthy and long living then what do we want from life, then we do not want to live in the first place successfully and only look for excuses to work out way out of life.

The many pictures we saw of alien-like creatures, we do not know whether they were man-made in the literal sense of the word; they could have been subject of covert experiments with human genes or they could have been made from plasticine in the first place.

Having heard about this story that a boy wandered into the city of Berlin after saying he lived for 5 years without being detected I wonder what else our forests contain because if that is possible than anything is possible.

I think trying to meddle with human DNA and trying to synthetically change the way of nature is a truly evil concept. It is the way to avoid stopping to sell junk-food and it is the way to stop having to tell people how to live healthy lifestyles. What we really need is a new set of standards and values instead of putting up with slack minds that want to keep on being lazy.  There is really nothing new in the concept, the concept that is being formed around being unfit, eating unhealthy and getting ill.

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