What jobs the future holds

Having just read the latest report about the biggest ozone hole yet over the Arctic, I wonder what type of job creation David Cameron has in mind when he promises to stimulate the economy. How long-term are David Cameron’s plans. Is he thinking further away or just till the end of his current term in office. I always thought that building houses is something that people do for generations, so that a house is not just for life but for the longer future.

What I really miss in any of David Cameron’s latest speeches, is a relevance to our future, in respect of earth warming and how rising water levels affect the type of homes we can built and where we can built them.

Of course I do not try to be pessimistic, it is always nicer to look ahead with fresh ideas and full of enthusiasm. That though needs a certain amount of realism, which is something I miss on all the major parties, in office today. They all talk about deficit reduction but fail to understand the basic principles of European law because the current government has decided to enter a Europe-denial phase in the hope that things work out against Europe at a later stage,whenever that may be. Whilst Labour, the Conservative and Liber-Democrats all play roughly the same trumpet, with only tiny little variations, we see all their followers follow suit with tiny upheavals here and there.

It is like it is described beautifully in this article, that all those party members suffer from the herd mentality. All comments and political behaviours follow suit as not to wake up the nation with some critical thinking. If anybody still remembers what it meant to learn about it at uni.

So what house-building would be sustainable for the future generations in the plural. It would have to be determined by doing some research how earth warming and rising water tables would affect our geography. Then of course future jobs would be determined by the fact that rising water levels would destroy much of our coast line and people would have to move north and start building new settlements on higher grounds. But I have not heard one high-profile politicians at the moment even mention the stark realities of our future to come.


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  1. earthstonestation
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 09:46:51

    Well said. Civilization is not a one or two term affair nor should the planet be bandied about for some corporations bottom line this quarter. Base decisions for the benifit of the seventh generation. Mahalo for your thoughts, Dohn

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