Unesco’s bold new move

I am astounded by the new development that grants Palestine full membership of the Unesco against the expressed wishes of the USA. But it is a democratic vote and in that context withdrawing funding is rather black-mailing. Put it in a local context, we could get a situation that a company says, unless you vote in the Conservatives we will withdraw our company from your country, therefore not allowing a choice other than vote for that political party. Or China could say, we are not going to bail out Europe unless you scale back on churches.

Is this really democratic? Is this allowed? Do I really care whether Palestine is a country and member of Unesco or not? I ask myself why is Israel allowed membership when they invaded that strip of land like a load of Squatters and claimed resident’s rights and why are the Palestinians not allowed the same status?

Of course it concerns me that there is a more powerful Islamic movement that could impede on my liberties but then who needs enemies when my own Church of England Archbishop recommends that we partition our laws into half English and half Sharia. I would strongly consider emigration should this country one day be divided into 2 different sets of laws. I think that either the whole country has to be run on a secular system, whereby one law rules all. Or it is completely run by a church-religious state, with the Christian church law. There are plenty of countries throughout the world with Muslim rules, we do not need them here as well. We have a right to live to our laws just as well as Muslims or other ethnic people have the right to live to their laws.

Whilst Unesco might lose out of funding, I do not think they care because they lost one funder, they probably gained 10 others from the powerful and rich Muslim block.

Islam is advancing fast throughout the world and what do we have to thank this? It is the world-wide accounting system that is based on the Arabic numeric system, with decimals. It creates a lifestyle that forces people to care primarily for property and not for people and forces property owners to forfeit child breeding. This allowed other ethnic groups to invade the vacant spaces and fill up the society, which increasingly became more coloured and Islamic. The Christian block has lost its own character completely and is becoming a servant to the powerful population rich nations. The traditional Muslim countries have different values from ours, which encourage families to have many children, whilst our society rather produces less children with a higher quality of life and a longer lifespan.

That is going to be an important age in the history of the world. Unless we Christian nations put our foot down and change our public systems immediately we become more and more enslaved to international number systems, that only help to retract our own population.

Don’t forget Islamic states allow themselves to be governed by religion and strictly discriminate against non-Muslims whilst we Christians want to be tolerant to all and that at our own expense. We lost our own identity and pride in ourselves.

I am not going to be a hero and swim against the stream but can only hope that our lifestyles are not going to change for the worst.

Even more nightmarish is the prospect of a war between the US and some Arab nations over who is the biggest world power. Here in the UK we see a conflict between Capitalist and Communist nations in the Berezowsky v. Abranowich. Berezovsky won his libel trial before Mr Justice Eady who swore that he could not find anything wrong with Berezovsky’s evidence and found him not guilty of any charges and allowed him to claim substantive compensation. The Russians then already complained of unfair trial. I also complain of an unfair trial and can well understand how some people feel because I went through it all for over 3 years and know how the courts bend the facts to suit a political purpose. They are totally biased and use the law to make political points an exercise their power. I do not trust any High Court judge on fairness.

Whilst this has little effect when  it is done to me, it might not be so easy when it is done to important Russian people. Of course there is this tension already with Russia over banking and other financial deals. When Abranowich is now found to owe Berezovsky the 3 billion that Berezovsky claims, that might lead to a further strain in international relations between the west and Russia, when we already have the strain between the west and Unesco.

Can we really afford all these arguments and come out tops?

I just keep myself to myself and do not want to be caught up on those struggles, all I want is a peaceful life for me and my family, we do not want any wars, thanks very much indeed.

I cannot understand why the western nations and especially the USA want to be seen as leaders and at the same time crawl up to Islam all the time and cannot keep the Muslims out of their own countries. There is no point in this pretence as it doesn’t work. Either the US and other western nations show the Islamists the door in their own geographical area or they might as well just give in without a fight and all the blown up tra-tra. The US want to build a Mosque on the spot where Al Qaeda caused immense damage, which would only honour the  9/11 terrorists. They are completely crazy and in two minds about everything. They invade Afghanistan in a no-hope war and lost many other similar conflicts just to pretend that they actually have a say in the world, when they just pussy foot around, to just then break out in cold sweat and attack a few countries to even more loss of life.

I think there are better ways to use diplomacy and turn the tides of the economy around in our favour. We should just concentrate on our own nations instead of mixing up with things we cannot influence or support. Let the Muslims nations financially support those pro-Muslim nations that need aid and let the Communists work it out amongst themselves who helps whom and let us concentrate on Christian aid to Christian nations alone.

If the Russians are going to play along the newest High court case and pay up if found liable, then we know we can enjoy a new partnership between Russia and Europe, which is quite powerful. However it is doubtful that Russians would want to play to our rules.  In recent history, such partnership never lasted long.

I think Justice Eady is playing a very dangerous game in that he uses justice to disperse politics.  He let Berezovsky win his first case on which he now builds his new one. Justice is a matter that is based on facts and as soon as justice bends the facts to suit a political outcome it becomes unreal and corrupt. But this is not the only judge to use the law to make politics, unfortunately it has become a fashion to do so.

My own case of course, I have widely written about, in that the court just accepted what they wanted to defend the British publishing industry come what may.

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