Can we learn from Muslims?

Islam is gaining memento and more influence all over the world. But what can we learn from them. It is veracity. It secretly impresses people that Muslims stick to their ‘guns’ and attack others who mock them, at least that is how Muslims perceive the latest edition of a French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, that meant to celebrate the win of a Muslim political party in the recent Tunisian elections with a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad, calling him the editor in chief. I thought that Germans do hot have a sense of humour but that is definitely surpassed by Muslims, who are even more sensitive to mockery.

People admire it if they know they belong and some strong defence is put onto a group.  I think Christianity is suffering from a softening of the attitude and the softer Christianity gets the less want to be part of it. Tolerance is nice and good but it drives people away rather than attract them.

Charlie Hebdo has been completely destroyed. But then, when I read that they are planning to run such a cartoon a few days ago, I was anticipating that this would happen, as it always has happened as soon as a non-Muslim organisation of any stripe tends to get humorous with Islam. All the reaction Muslims are going to get is an apologist ‘we won’t do that again’ attitude an that shows the weakest always perish. Unfortunately that is still the stark reality in life. What the west tends to do is attack whole countries and destroy their leaders like they did with Gaddafi and Hussein but that is as far as it goes. The system there then just recovers, slightly adapted but no less still the same in structure and belief.

Overall Muslims enjoy a renaissance of Islam and they are getting stronger by the minute, simply because they stick to their beliefs and do not give in. It has now become satirical also in the sense that the USA has been driven from their leadership in Unesco.

What is really important in the strength of Muslims is their domestic daily routine, that is thoroughly drenched by religious rites, whilst former Christians have faded into oblivion and flirt with all types of religions or none at all. Whilst the Communist blocks who are fiercely anti-religious enjoy equally strong leadership and advance in economic terms in the world as we can see in China and Russia, the Christian block simply fades away in ideological, economic terms. Christians have one thing in common and that is indecisiveness and lack of conviction.  Strangely enough Christians still live in the belief that it is them who rules the world but that is only repeated in the official brain-washing propaganda machine. A bit self-deluding really.  They rely on banking mechanism, which is not so important in real terms because people can always live as long as they get some supply of food and water.  Civilisations have come and gone with the ages and I think this one has soon surpassed itself.

In essence it is really important that whatever you do, you do it thoroughly and not half-hearted and that always impresses.

I do not mean to express sympathy with the action that destroyed this French publisher I merely mean to say that there is a considerable world-wide support for one religion that does not accept our laws but only sticks to their own and is showing strength of character in doing so.  The moral of this story is that if you are really fed up with live, just mock Muhammad and wait what happens.  But on the other hand if you mock Jesus, you get an apology for having been offended by his name.

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  1. Johanna Kaschke
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 09:16:25

    I completely disagree, I think the perpetrators must be brought to justice, but our liberal justice system does not allow CCTV everywhere for example because the law as well as people do not want to be followed by cameras all the time but how else would you catch those fire bombers? I have delivered petitions for more CCTV in my locality but people do not want it the council does not want it and the criminals benefit.

    • Johanna Kaschke
      Nov 02, 2011 @ 09:24:30

      If you say that everybody who concludes that Islam has unlawful methods to spread the relgion as sympathy then you make it impossible to comment at all. Don’t forget I am a staunch Christian.

    • Johanna Kaschke
      Nov 02, 2011 @ 09:26:51

      You are being sarcastic and not helpful now, what do you mean?

      • Johanna Kaschke
        Nov 02, 2011 @ 10:19:39

        No, but it doesn’t matter what I say your whole purpose is to make me look ridiculous, so that is what you are out to do. You twist and turn words to achieve that goal, how much do you get paid for this or do you just do it for the love of Britain, how sweet. Just shows however that the British have the machinery well oiled to jump in quickly to ridicule me, the German immigrant as soon as I say something that attacks the British publication machinery.

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