I am very sceptical about this NHS deal

Though I am always for new things to be tried out, but what is missing in the NHS problem at this moment in time, is the actual responsibility of the individual for their conditions being recognised. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, if you are obese and come with health related problems to the NHS, you do not have to sell your house to get treatment. People are just being encouraged to get ill, they do not have to make income related contributions to their health bill.

The understanding of keeping healthy is still very poor in Britain. Blaming something else for one’s health is still in fashion.

People still think walking is for losers, thanks to Mrs Thatcher, who enforced that attitude during her time as Prime Minister. She ensured that her successors praise her by introducing the post Prime Ministerial payments and so all of them hail her as the best thing since sliced bread.

But if we really look at her record, we can see that her policies are very short-sighted. The home owner scheme she developed does not help couples, who now have problems sorting out the mortgage and value on shared owned homes when they break up. The home ownership has caused misery on council estates, where leaseholder often have problems keeping up with repairs and caused a shortfall of public housing and of course she failed to relate health costs to finance via a person’s assets.

But at least it is one lady this nation still treats with respect whilst in many other aspects Britain has gone rude towards the previously weaker sex. Baroness Thatcher did a lot to rid us of ‘the man has to hold the door open’ attitude because she emancipated women probably beyond the level they wanted to be emancipated. This nation is very polite towards this first lady beyond cause I may add.

So whilst Circle tries to run an entire NHS trust on the same funding as all the trusts are run, they will have to cut costs to make it work and if they cannot make it work, that will then be just another company costing banks a lot of money in defaulted loans. We need a fundamental change to NHS funding procedures to get health costs into perspective. All persons who are reckless with their own health should have to use their own assets to pay for the treatment.

It really does not help to put all home owners on the same high pedestal, we put Mrs Thatcher and then allow them to run up a high health cost bill if they are irresponsible with their own health but they can keep their assets.

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