No Poppies at the Tower Hamlets Homes Engagement Conference

I went to the first of the three Tower Hamlets Homes engagement conferences in the borough of Tower Hamlets today on 12 November 2011 and was amazed that no member of the THH staff wore a Poppy in their lapels. I thought it looked like a policy not to wear them. Considering that only yesterday loudspeakers throughout London Underground helped travellers to wear their Poppies with pride, Tower Hamlets Homes has no policy to endorse the wearing of Poppies at all.

Of course it speaks volumes that our Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson instructed staff to give out messages of support for the Royal British Legion on London Underground yesterday but that today a Tower Hamlets Social Housing Landlord and provider refuses to wear them at all. I would say it is correct to use the term refusal because considering that tomorrow there is a laying of a reef outside of Bethnal Green Underground station to remember the tragic deaths there, it is obviously a policy not to wear Poppies for Tower Hamlets Homes staff. Neither did I see any of the attending residents or others wearing poppies.

What does it mean? It obviously means that Tower Hamlets Homes does not do a lot to endorse the British Army, the British Legion now and/or in the past. People can draw their own conclusions from those facts.

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