Dame on the Rocks (Box)

Whilst there is in my mind no doubt about it, that it is the size of a person’s bank account that determines the elevation to Dame or Lord, in Dame Vivienne Westwood’s case it was obviously not high enough, because the good lady elevated herself even higher to address the St. Paul’s Camp. I wonder whether the Queen now regrets having bestowed that honour onto V Westwood or not. After all her Majesty is the  head of the Church of England, the very religious establishment the dame arose from.

Whether the Queen will be more careful in future whom she empowers to such titles, maybe she wants to wait a bit longer. Just because obviously wealth and titles do not stop public figures from joining left-wing protests.

So far her Majesty has refrained from joining the diplomatic row over the movement that strikes at the heart of the Monarchy, the St. Paul’s church is one of the most important symbols of British power.

Isn’t it nice and easy to join a protest once one is rich and famous. I wish I had the choice. But then I have to find a job and cannot possibly be seen near such a collection of upheaval. Of course we are all afraid of the earth warming but camping in tents outside of St. Paul’s is hardly going to stop it nor would it give the necessary discipline or ideas to cope with it.  I love the pinstripe against the redhead, so tasteful against the backdrop of the architecture. It’s like a sun down in the city. Or is it a sun rise. As the saying goes: “Red sky at night, shepherds delight, red sky in the morning, shepherds warning.

Having once been invited to a fashion show, I was surprised that there are designers that actually want to use natural materials, which are not environmentally straining in any way, something Vivienne perhaps could turn to in her strive to be more environmentally in tune.  I have seen bracelets made from snake skin, huhuhu, lets not even go there. Maybe V Westwood thinks those protestors might want to use designer tents in future and are a new type of customer, perhaps.

Perhaps the session is just part of the normal British street meeting mentality. Solving communication problems with street meetings is part and parcel of the British mentality. We have the Big Lunch, just to name one, who encourage people to talk things over in open spaces. So the tent camp outside of St. Paul’s is nothing out of the ordinary for the British, whose homes are their castles.

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