Worrying levels of drug abuse in the UK

I think there might be a relationship with the increased drug abuse in the UK and the complacency of the courts towards bad and irresponsible language use. The increase of drug taking has virtually run parallel to an ever increasing abuse of the English language for all sorts of between the line insinuations and even worst direct swearing.

The statistics published in today’s Metro paper are more than worrying and show that this nation has lost the grip on reality and that shows in some High Court judgements. Not that I am saying the judges are on drugs but I am saying that the drug culture has won a worrying amount of public acceptance and bad behaviour has risen so that it is now acceptable to swear in public and judges don’t care about that any longer either.

The Columbian President complains that it is because of the drug taking habit, of the UK, amongst other nations that Columbia has a big problem. It is true that if is often just a matter of demand and supply and where there is no demand, there cannot be a supply.

The figures are greatly concerning if one puts them into the relationship of country size and population numbers. That 2.5% of English and Welsh use Cocaine, compared to only 2.1% of US citizens and only 0.8% of Colombians, shows that today’s show stopping society has lost a grip on what is right or wrong and what is good and bad.

The UK drug market is worth £21 billion compared to the USA £23 billion. And now David Cameron wonders why the economy does not lift off. In Columbia, Peru and Bolivia, an area the size of Greater London is used to cultivate the plants that make Cocaine and surprisingly the Colombians have more drug seizures than any other country, namely 61%. In Europe Spain makes the most confiscations.

Of course that makes sad reading in that it looks as it almost everybody in the UK has got their fingers somewhere in that drug honey pot and makes money on this. The corruption over drugs must be rife, or there would not be so much drugs be in circulations unchallenged.

It is this backdrop of widespread drug abuse and tolerance of drug dealing and drug use that puts the current situation in Britain in the context of gross negligence.

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