A muddled boom bama bang from Labour

It seems a little bit, very far fetched from Yvette Cooper to argue that Boris Johnson gets a £90 million election bung just because the Mayoral elections coincide with the Olympic games. That is the stuff that paranoia is made of, I think.  That is an argument somebody uses who thinks they are going to lose something and they are looking in advance for excuse why they are going to loose it.

I just want the best party to win, since we have to put up with democracy and if Labour has good policies I embrace them and if the Conservatives have good policies I welcome them too. The new gang warfare by the police is more than welcome and the strategy not to glorify the gangs by name is even better.  Why advertise something that you do not like. Others might just want to find out about it. For us who are not involved in gangs at all, all names of gangs are completely unknown. We do not want to learn their terminology and we are fed up with having to live with the problems they cause in our neighbourhoods.

Obviously the Olympics will have to be policed and as it happens Boris Johnson is Mayor at this time, so he has to have to budget to do his job. Does Mrs Cooper suggest that Boris should get less money so that Labour could look better because the Mayor doesn’t do his job properly. What a cut off argument that is.

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