Can a school make a profit?

I just read about this “John Lewis” model for schooling and I am a bit puzzled by the concept in that it rests on a profit and that teachers are seen as personal stake holders in the running of the school. Reminds me a bit of the current NHS model changes proposed that puts more personal responsibility into GP practises and indeed the whole NHS to GPs.

Just wondering where the profit in education should come from? Is it from selling educated pupils to employers or universities? Is it just by getting a bonus from the state if so many pupils get good results?

I think it is very difficult to put a profit on communal assets, as such I consider well-educated pupils as communal assets, though they also personally benefit from their good education and so does any company or communal organisation they work for later on in life.

No doubt, that educational standards have to be raised but perhaps we should start by stopping the false consideration that every child has the same talents and can achieve the same high grades if we only treat them the same and they all go to Comprehensive schools.

To think further on the profit for schools question, who is going to finance such schools? Is it the government giving grants, and are the schools then on the job to deliver education on the budget and if they spend less on pupils they make more money for the school?

I think the basic mistake that has been made here in the UK is the thought that Grammar schools discriminate against poor children and that poor children cannot perform because they are poor. Poverty in itself is not important for anybody to say, because I am poor I am unable to work my way out of it. The Grammar model helped the poorest talented children to get a good basis to work their way out of poverty but nowadays poor talented children are severely disadvantaged because they are stuck in Comprehensive schools that do not over-emphasize achievement and are more concerned on keeping all children happy during the day and that they all get along with each other without too many incidents.

I think parents should demand from schools that they concentrate on the particular learning needs of their child. So for example if a child is learning disabled it has quite a job to do to learn just the basic tricks to get along in life later on when they have their own flat, do banking and try to get jobs, how to pay rent and cook their own meals. Other children with high IQ’s might want to concentrate on academic study. The mistake we make today is that we call it discrimination if we give some people different treatment from others, it is not discriminating it is tailored to someone’s needs.

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