How we stimulate and measure business demand

Currently we are working with a debt based business model. This works in that people order something on credit, the order goes out, the items are made, delivered and the customer pays back the debt. That inevitably led to a large number of individuals and countries even being deeply in debt. This also led to blind production methods, which did not allow to take other factors like environmental ones into account.

There should be another measure introduced to stimulate growth and with that business but also to carefully observe environmental needs. The carbon tax on airline traffic is an excellent effort to achieve that but unfortunately it is widely opposed.

Now just to say, we must stop making debts simply creates a deep black hole of non activity and drives the economy into an even deeper recession. A turnaround on economic methods needs to be found and that can be achieved if all countries write off each others debts against each other, so that only the net sums owed remain, which are relatively small compared to the whole debt, if one doesn’t deduct what countries owe each other.

Production of materials should be compared to environmental standards and actual public needs, e.g. how much food does an population need, what harm does too much carbon do to the environment and how do we stop the threat of earth warming, and how can we stimulate renewable energy sources. Unfortunately efforts to come to an international agreement  are always hampered by political indecisiveness. There is no objective standard agreed that any country has to adhere to. The EU Carbon Tax is a thoroughly sensible measure and it is more than sad that no less than 26 countries object to it.

It does not drive technology forward to invent more environmentally friendly production methods if we do not put a stop to the harmful emissions today.  If we measured business against harm products do to the environment or to people we could develop a quality control system to verify if products are acceptable for production or not instead of just producing anything that somebody can pay for.

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