Early death of Davy Jones of the Monkees

I find the relatively early death of Davy Jones very upsetting because the Monkees were my favourite band when I was young and laying in hospital, having had very complicated operations and having had to spend months on end in bed and the Monkees were the highlight of my life at that time and cheered me up tremendously.

I find it just frustrating to see how many of my favourite artists keep on dying off relatively young and I am getting very worried about show business because it must be bad for your health in general. Maybe its the stress of always being in the limelight and the media that worries artists to death, I do not know.

But surely it is not worth the money to live a life in the knowledge that one cannot get old in a profession. It is completely unreasonable that any group of professionals have to accept such risks on civil jobs. Certainly I would not want any of my family to get involved in show-business as it surely must be bad for your health.

Especially Davy Jones was the sweetest singer in the world and brought so much pleasure to all of us even in the early 70s with their televised music series, that was even shown in Germany, when I became a fan when I was only 13 years of age. It always started with the tune “He, he we’re the Monkees”.

The music was super awesome, so light and refreshing and the band always a delight to watch, there never was a dull moment and the Monkees were essential to killing boredom in those days for me.

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