Zynga sets free from Facebook

I have many friends on Facebook who are only my friends because I happen to play the same games as they do. I have very much reduced the games I play because they are very time consuming. Having heard that Facebook gets a one third of every sale Zynga makes it does make sense that they develop their own gaming website as lots of people just play.

I just wonder whether a lot of people enjoy the dual role Facebook plays that they know their friends and loved ones are around when they play.

But on the other hand many not playing the games have to block the games notifications to get some peace without the games. The mixing with the Zynga games makes it hard to keep personal friends and personal messages close to those who are actually interested in them.

Many children register with Facebook because they want to play cute games like PetVille and I do hope that the new Zynga site will make better parental controls on the registrations of under age children possible.

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