I am quite unhappy with my HP laptop bought from Amazon

I am not certain whether Amazon is going to publish my amended review over a laptop purchased from them but just in case they decide not to, I write the story here.

I wanted to buy my child a laptop for Christmas. I decided to get an HP Pavillion from Amazon, which was duly delivered before Christmas, to make the perfect surprise. Then one day, only a few months into using it, suddenly one day the laptop went black, whilst playing Moshi Monsters and did not come back on again.

I purchased a genuine HP replacement mains supply cable and adapter because I thought the one we had was faulty. That didn’t work. I rang the HP repairs service who came to collect the laptop the next day. But then about 8 days afterwards I got a call from HP telling me that the laptop was found to have liquid damage and they refused to repair it free of charge. I was told unless I pay £199.99 it would be sent back un-repaired. So I paid the ~£200 because I thought my child will benefit from being able to use the laptop as she is bright and of advanced learning ability.

Then the laptop came back from the repair and 7 parts had been replace including the USB board and the motherboard, at least that is how I understand the repairs report.

A few weeks after the laptop suddenly went blank again, completely black screen, not a sign of live, no pilot light on at all, whilst playing Moshi Monsters.

I just shrugged my shoulders and didn’t want to bother any more and I left the laptop. I then got a call from HP, asking me how I got on with the laptop and whether I am happy with the repair. I said that the computer was again broken, no pilot light, completely dead. HP offered to collect the laptop and again 8 days later I got a call from the lab telling me that again liquid damage had been found and again I would have to pay £199.99 to get it repaired. This time I was told that different parts of the computer had been affected. I just wonder why not the same parts could have been affected since there are not that many motherboards and USB boards in a laptop. But this time it was different parts. That made me very suspicious and I refused to pay for another repair. I then told my daughter who feels very uneasy about the whole thing too.

Considering that the whole repair services is supposed to be quite quick why does it take the repairs service 8 days to diagnose liquid damage? Shouldn’t they have noticed that straightaway? Why are different parts affected each time the computer is broken with liquid damage  and why do not the same parts get damaged again. Surely he motherboard would be affected each time.

This makes the Raspberry Pie computer so really attractive, costs only around £30 to buy. There is an astonishing cost difference between established and commonly sold laptops and PC and the Raspberry Pie. Raspberry Pie brings the cost of computing down to earth, lets stick with that. At least if something goes wrong, the most loss you can incur is £30. Whilst in established computer types just the insurance alone runs into hundreds.

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