Brave U-turns

I rather have a government that admits to mistakes and changes the mind than one that sticks to a once set policy and pushes it through come what may.

But today, as I said many times previously, policy changes come fast and furious, every 5 years in fact and with so little time, is it any wonder that there are problems emerging once policies are implemented. There is no perfect world but as long as we can have a constructive dialogue that even allows discussion, we are still OK.

It worries me a little bit that Labour wants less dialogue and more doctrine rather than an open system that allows for changes.

It is also a little bit loop-sided of the BBC to run a headline like U-turn on pastry tax ‘a shambles’ when that is just a quote from an opposition politician but could be understood by the reader a comment on the policy from the BBC. I am not in favour of those tiny little specs of quotation signs that are supposed to indicate quasi quotes from somebody.

It is refreshing to see the open dialogue between Boris Johnson and the rest of the government about airports also. It shows we are having a real democracy and not just some top-down imposed puppet on the strings theatre.

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