The UK, the uncaring nation

I must say, I am thoroughly disgusted and it is literally keeping me awake tonight, that the UK felt fit to put their elderly monarch, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband through the ordeal of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations the way they did.

The Duke ended up in hospital with a bladder infection, that is the official version, and that could, in my view, have been avoided.

I would not have put our own pensioners through the ordeal of having to spend half hour outside in the cold on Jubilee day but our Queen had to endure 90 minutes standing in the open air when the temperature was forecast for only 12 degrees with wet and windy weather. The Duke is 90 years of age.

Some people wouldn’t force their dogs to go for a walk on a day like that but we expect our elderly Queen and royals to spend hours outside in the cold and rainy weather. Even under an umbrella, I thought it was too cold for a pensioner to spend prolonged periods of time outside, that is why I moved our own street party indoors into our community centre.

It is unbelievable that the organisers of the Diamond Jubilee did not have a plan B for a cold and rainy weather. That was more than inflexible and I think unworthy organisation for our great nation. Of course the flotilla itself was very impressive but we should have shown more care for our elderly royals and should not have forced them outside for hours in that weather.

There should have been a plan B and an indoor celebration should have been available for bad weather. Shame on the organisers of the Queen’s official Jubilee celebrations.

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