Swimming styles

Though I normally do not blog a lot about sports but now find it remarkable that the new world record holder, Ye Shiwen used mainly body muscle and leg strength to gain her new world record.

I noticed that many swimmers put too much emphasis on arm movement rather than using body, hips and legs muscles to push forward in the water, which produces a better thrust.

Having had my first sporting experience in swimming and synchronised swimming, I was taught to use more leg strength rather than arm strength.

The tactics of Ye Shiwen also show in her complexion. She simply does not comply to our normal sense of beauty and looks rather podgy and fat but she has the necessary body muscle power to win in swimming.

our swimmers must learn from this. I also still swim using Shiwen’s powers and realised some time ago that is saves considerable reserves and produces more strength to use the body muscle swimming style rather than just using arms.

It is however hard to overcome the wrong advise that is generally given to swimmers by many coaches, so please watch the video of Ye Shiwen’s swim and do what gets you fastest and not what coaches try to teach you.

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