Rott in Jailhouse rock

As much as I agree with Dobson and Norris that they are not the killers of Stephen Lawrence, just from what I’ve read and watched about the case, I also have to agree  with the judge that turned down their appeal against their sentence.

The situation is in the real world that we would get an immense amount of public contention because if Dobson and Norris gotten off without the real killer being found, we are back to square one and the nation gets the impression that nothing is really done or doable to find the killer.

I think that Stephen’s mother’s nightmare would start all over again if those 2 got off and out of jail.

What must happen, is that the real killer must deliver a confession so that the guilt can be transferred, rather than just cancelled without a prosecutable person being caught.

Letting Dobson and Norris win an appeal without a real killer, would screw public tensions sky-high, lay the foundation for further rioting and huge public dissatisfaction. So put your thinking caps on and try to get the real killer to confess to his crime and then all your problems will be solved. Till then its rot in jail for you.  In the circumstances jail is probably a safer place because any release from jail without a proper suspect, would increase personal attacks on Dobson and Norris also.

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