Press has become a loose canon

Whilst the BBC reports that the Lord Justice Leveson is ‘loading a gun’ at the press, I would say that the press has become a loose canon, a law onto itself and judging with aspects of their own morality.

Of course most frustrating for Justice Leveson is the fact that the press even leaked a confidential letter that was written to them as part of the enquiry process but was not meant for public discussion.

The press has become so detached from the normal process that they feel fit to judge and jury individuals, institutions, government and whatever takes their fancy. We now have a trinity of dispute; whilst previously we had a dispute between judges and government over who rules the roost, there is now a dispute between judges, government ministers and the press over who is better in making public opinion and telling us the difference between right and wrong, setting moral standards and putting across suggestions as to conduct and opinion.

I have felt how distorted justices can be by having seen how Justice Eady ruled on assumptions about what happened in Germany over 35 years ago, when all official documents of the period had been destroyed a long time ago. On his own assumptions he allowed the press to write what they liked because he assumed that I must have been involved in left-wing activities at some point in my life, when there is not one shred of proof that the police had any record of that at all.

Lord Justice Leveson now, I presume, finds along the lines of the previous enquiry that was done by a government white paper by Louise Casey, that found that since the 70s press reporting has deteriorated become distorted and is more sensationalist, distorting opinions and making opinions to suit any wanted political mood. Taking that in conjunction with a recent ruling that allows political elections to produce rogue leaflets during election periods, we see that the public is generally duped into voting for one side or another.

Nowadays the freedom of association is hugely lamed by that judgement of Mr Justice Eady, which made me lose a libel action on an assumption of left-wing association. If I now find that anyone person in a group that I participate in is connected to extreme views or activities on either side of the spectrum, I disassociate myself from the whole group. Often though one does not know what others do until the time of the reckoning comes, so how can individuals be blamed for the actions of others if they did not plan them outright?

For example you go to a party where Prince Harry turns up wearing a Nazi uniform or suddenly takes off his clothes, you are in the background of the picture, your life can be destroyed forever and the press is having a field day, by producing a guilt by association and Justice Eady’s ruling allows the press to associate you with all sorts of established radicals just because you accidentally moved once on the fringe of something that you weren’t really aware of.

What Justice Eady has produced is a “Guilt by Assumed Association“, which is taking guilt by association even a step further and Justice Easy allows the press to assume a guilt by association too. Justice Leveson should start by overturning rubbish judgments that distort the law and have been made in the past, which is what paved the way for the press to behave in the way they do now.

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