Cameron = Milliband

The general consent in the UK today is to promote the Living Wage. Yes, it is only right that employers at least pay what a worker at least needs to live on. Both Cameron and Milliband promote the living wage. All the churches also agree on the Living Wage to be paid. It makes a lot of sense especially when one hears that so many companies do not pay tax properly. Seeing that the tax payer has to meet the cost of working through Working Tax Credit and make up a short-fall of taxes through the public purse is just too much.

Yet on the other hand if the cost of living is subsidised through Working Tax Credits then the dependency of a person on an employer is not so great because there is another stream of income from another source, that can catch up any problems that may arise through a loss of employment or if one has to change employers frequently for whatever reason.

What is really important is the continuation of income, the ability to pay rents and bills without having to suffer hardship. Not even the “Living Wage” campaign can make up for the shortfall on benefits that people have to suffer when they for example are forced to change from Income Support to Jobseekers Allowance once a child turns to the prescribed age.

People are left for weeks without any money from their benefits, which makes vulnerable single mothers even more vulnerable and turn to soup kitchens.

The current government especially wants to turn people away from getting benefits as much as possible and I think at the same time the government also has lost the caring attitude they once used to have. And even there Milliband and Cameron are the same. I cannot see a change in attitude when it comes to the treatment of vulnerable parents.

Reading now also that stateless immigrant children get exploited in a variety of ways and are homeless I cannot see that either political party does enough to push through a thorough policy that deals with vulnerable children in today’s society. Children who have been abandoned cannot get any benefits, homes or jobs without a consenting adults but all adults have written them off, to be exploited. This is completely intolerable. These children should have a way of establishing themselves and if they sign on somewhere each day to show that they live in this country. Instead they are left on the streets and get even sexually exploited and that flies in the face of other recent scandals.

Apparently the London Living Wage has just increased to £8.55 per hour by London Mayor Boris Johnson, but as said above, the Living Wage alone is not going to solve the social problems created by inconsistencies in income for waged or un-waged people. It has become a cheap if not bad political tactic to just highlight one area of improvement whilst everything else is left to rot. Milliband does not propose any wider changes, nor does Cameron.

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