Abu Qatada might get bail

The Home Secretary obviously has lost the plot and in the case of Abu Qatada taken a major loss, against which Theresa May is planning to appeal. See both short and long judgements here.

Yes we do not want hate preachers in our street, we do want free speech, but what the Home Office wants is only the free speech that suits their politics it seems. Unfortunately there are many contradictions creeping up.

On one hand Theresa May has argued that crimes committed in the UK should be tried in the UK, which she said in conjunction with the extradition proceedings from the US against Gary McKinnon. It’s kind of isolationist to want to turn the back of the UK on the US and on Europe all at the same time but open our arms to Jordan because they wrote a nice letter saying they are going to be fair from now on. And pigs might fly too.

The UK couldn’t care less what happened between Mohammed Othman and Jordan, it is about getting rid of him because he stirs and causes problems to our inner security and he stirs racial hate. I do not think, that Qatada, or Othman could even flash his toilet, if on bail, without the security services counting, through various listening devices, how often he flushes it. So what is good for McKinnon, should be good for Qatada.

The Freedom of Speech issue, is so completely disorganised, because we heard at the recent Olympics, how free we all are, but that is about the only freedom of speech declaration we are allowed to make in this country; unless of course our expression complement current political strategies.

May is deepening the racial divide in the UK if she goes along those arguments and makes an appeal against this decision of Mr Justice Mitting, Peter Lord and Dame Denise Holt.

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  1. Johanna Kaschke
    Nov 12, 2012 @ 13:54:23

    I agree it sometimes seems appropriate if the electorate gets a direct mandate or ability to question ministerial appointments because obviously during a term any government can just appoint whom they like and as long as they like.


  2. Awakening Tempest
    Nov 12, 2012 @ 13:47:53

    In my view, May is a disaster from every angle. Why is she still in her position?


    • Johanna Kaschke
      Nov 13, 2012 @ 07:55:26

      Having watched Yvette Cooper’s performance in parliament yesterday, I do not have much confidence in her either. She tried to argue that May should have appealed against the EU decision in the first place, when it was quite clear that under the circumstances then, it would have been hopeless. I think politicians are irresponsible in blowing up Qatada’s danger out of proportion. The security services will have a field day monitoring him. In the end its the terrorists that are not yet known to the security services that present the most danger to us all.
      All parties allowed characters like Qatada to preach hate for years in our streets. They should have stopped him earlier on.


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