John Biggs warns that cuts reduce the quality of policing

Sergeants are about to be removed from local SNT teams in London, that is if Boris Johnson approves suggested changes to policing structures to facilitate £500 million worth of savings by 2015.

That could mean that Police Inspectors may lead 4 teams instead of each or two teams having 1 Sergeant.

What is however also in the pipeline, is that Neighbourhood Watch teams get more regular meetings with SNT teams, who then exchange statistics and discuss concerns. That is a huge improvement to the previous 3-monthly meetings for SNT panel members, who not necessarily were also Neighbourhood Watch coordinators.

That is the way to go to ensure better quality and to monitor and question the quality of policing, it is to become a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator to be able to discuss local issues with police every 4 weeks in either formal or informal meetings. Police will have no choice but to determine their priorities according to resident’s and businesses input.

People always must try and make the best of a situation and the best method to ensure the best possible policing in London is to be a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. I personally spent the last 5 years developing Neighbourhood Watch in Tower Hamlets for example, having worked closely with an Inspector for the last 1 1/2 years and I personally can recommend this setting,

But of course the great question that always arises, when are people able to meet and fit in with police shifts.

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