In the barrel of the beholder

Whilst the pro-gun lobby shouts, its not the gun, its the user of it, that causes the problem. But there it is, a problem is being caused by using a gun the very wrong way. It is intolerable and untenable that problems should be found out about just because somebody was able to fire a gun at others. The victims get younger and more numerous. The most recent mass-shooting was heartbreaking. It has to stop.

Of course there is an argument for a revision of home-schooling rules for severely autistic people but we cannot say, OK lets discuss autism because a lot of kids got shot by someone with Aspergers. It is our responsibility to prevent deaths and not to allow them just to find out that a problem exists.

Problem is, that people with problems want to solve them with guns in America in a way that causes very vulnerable victims to be shot. It has become fashionable to do so.

Perhaps a few hundred years ago a young life would not have been so much valuable as children were born and died but nowadays, we spend much more on a young life and invest more for a child’s future from conception and birth.

We no longer think that lives are expendable and plentiful to throw away on any type of problem, whether its war or personal conflict. Attitudes have changed and we want to preserve life of those that are among the living.

It will have an impact and send a message to potential perpetrators that society cares more about lives and wants to preserve them and that mass shootings have become unfashionable if gun ownership gets more restricted.

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