The usefulness of snowmen

Or should I say snow person? One has to be so very careful about being discriminating and using the correct terminology to describe something. The word snowmen is actually deeply ingrained into folklore and common use; but so was the word postman, chairman etc.

Funnily enough I just thought about why the building of snowmen actually came about and even grown ups love to do it and I thought that most things we do come from very humble but once useful origins. So I thought, what could be useful about snowmen. I suppose it is the naturally build in scientist in me, with a little thoughtfulness at time.

Then I read this article about how snowmen could prevent flooding. I suppose that is a very modern day version of why snowmen were built originally. The building of snowmen nowadays could only prevent flooding if they were build in huge quantities and in various sizes  so that they melt in different time scales. That would also only be appropriate in areas where flooding is actually a danger.

What might have happened in ancient times though is that snowmen could have been used to preserve water. Because we did not have such plentiful water supplies as today and in times when water was scarcer to find people might have built snowmen to preserve a water supply. Just an idea.

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