Disabled and poorly dressed

Again this morning I saw a group of severely disabled people with their carers walking along a local road. Again I thought how poorly these people are dressed. Obviously they cannot shop for themselves but they do get a fair amount of disability money.

The clothes the people wear in Tower Hamlets care look like rags, second hand at best. Why is it not possible to dress these people pleasantly? Surely even the most disabled person feels better with nice clothing.

I have now heard it from various sources, which I won’t disclose that people in local authority care, not only Tower Hamlets, look drab, like they are wearing rags.

The next question is what is happening with these people’s money? Who looks after it and who monitors what happens to these unfortunate people’s money who obviously do not get any help to spend their money on clothing.

We hear so much about abuse in local care, how about monitoring what happens to disabled people’s money when they are in care?

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