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I was disappointed with both Hilary Mantel books that won the booker prize. I was looking for something good to read and thought I order them because it is kind of a good idea to read what the nation reads but when I found a lot of gore and vulgar sexual fantasy in the books I was put off from finishing them.

Then of course the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI happened just at the time when I re-engaged with Catholicism. This pope’s shock resignation puts a kind of new dialectic on the worldly and divine nature of the church. This was the first papal resignation since 600 years.

I find this immensely interesting and hope I am going to have a good read with some of Joseph Ratzinger’s books.

I think lately Catholicism has made immense progress here in Britain. Not only are successors to the British throne now allowed to marry Catholics but also numbers who attend the many C.o.E. churches in my area are dwindling whilst my local Catholic church has to lay on 3 services each weekend to satisfy the requirements of the many worshippers.

If the English monarch marries a Catholic and then the monarch itself becomes Catholic the Church of England will become obsolete and unnecessary. That would be good because I consider many C.o.E. churches a waste of space because the attendance numbers are so low that they would be better off being used by Catholics who would appreciate the buildings more.


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