We have given our economy away

We have handed it to the Chinese, Indians and other former Third World countries on a plate. What do they expect? Of course our economies have to shrink because all our productions have been moved elsewhere. Even those companies that are naturally based in Europe but have out-sourced work to other nations do not necessarily pay tax on those gains in Europe either. Because if the work is contracted out to an overseas company they earn in their countries and pay tax there.

I have blogged about this countless times before and nobody ever took any notice. Of course now, when the slump hits us hard, then suddenly they ask, how could it happen?

Europe is not the Christmas tree of the world, Europe has to make money as well.

Here in the UK and other small European countries we keep on accepting immigrants, who take up housing space and get benefits and health treatment but we do lose that space towards productivity space because where there are homes there can’t be factories as well.

David Cameron now wants to close a few loopholes on immigration. Most of the poor that live in our rich inner cities like London will soon have to move into the hinterlands because new benefit regulations make life in the Capital too expensive. In a way it is right that those who work in an area, should also have the preferred right to live there, as otherwise people have to pay too much for commuting to work every day.

But it still does not move any new work to our shores if we just fill spaces with homes for new dwellers instead of focussing on getting the economy moving our way again. We have passed on our knowledge to those left behind and now we are the ones waddling behind others.

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