It makes sense to improve A&E care

I was turned away myself once from an A&E Department just to be re-admitted by a caring GP. Frequently we hear of those horror stories that patients get turned away from A&E units just to die at home.

Behind all those outcries that resulted from such negligent patient treatments is now probably the attempt to re-organise A&E care in London. I welcome the proposed changes. I am terrified would I have to go to A&E with an urgent problem because I could be turned away by some doctor who is not very well qualified to judge on my particular condition, if I had one.

The last time I went to my local A&E with a cut off finger tip, I witnessed how regular visitors to the unit with mental health problems had to be coaxed out of it with a lot of diplomacy. That resulted in me feeling very uncomfortable because others were somewhat aggressive in tone and strongly moaning whilst I was waiting for my treatment.

It makes sense to downgrade former A&E units to 24/7 urgent care centres, whilst fewer specialised A&E units can perform urgent surgery if needed.

However what the wording of the article indicates is that most current A&E units do not have the required amount of well trained doctors available currently to be able to deal with requirements sufficiently.

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