Re-arranging the police

I cannot help thinking that the government’s forced budget cuts onto the police drove them into trying to dismiss anybody who was in service for 30 years. Yet now before a tribunal the very question of whether those age discrimination workforce cuts could be justified, is being heard. The police budget was supposed to be ironed out by using Regulation A19.

I just wonder whether the government’s urgent pleas to cut police budget, whilst they involve non police officers into top posts will completely dishevel the current policing structure. It must have an immense impact if one takes out a whole age group of middle aged officers, who are the life and the soul of the force.

Seeing also that the whole dismantling of the police as we know it will also manifest itself by way of discarding landmark police buildings like the current Scotland Yard HQ in Westminster, then I think that is a strategy aimed at causing a revolution within the police force to drive it into a different direction.

The Police Superintendent Association warns against the big shake-up and I think that taking out a whole middle group of very experienced officers and replacing the leadership with inexperienced officers at Superintendent level and highest officers even from outside of the UK, means the police force is missing out on the basic knowledge that every police officer gathers over years of service.

In that respect, reinstating older officers can only be beneficial for the service as a whole and also provide those new top brass officers without police experience with appropriate senior experience in the lower ranks, that will bolster the gap between new leaders and lower ranks.

It is quite extraordinary that this government wants to introduce new work ethics and dismantle organised policing as we know it.

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