David no morals

I don’t really want to fall into the same rut I fell into during the last months of the Gordon Brown government and help savage a falling apart government in the hope of a new one, but say that some good things came out of this government but also some very bad ones and the unfortunate problem with party-political politics is that you always have to take a lot of bad with a little bit of good and that there is no mix and match option, so that people can choose what part of a party they like, and reject the other parts. That then leads to a whole party not being re-elected.

Unfortunately Tony Blair already stamps on weak Gordon Brown’s image to make himself an option for the next round of politics and I kind of despise that attempt to dance around and clumsy Gordon again.

People often ridiculed me whilst I kept on changing political parties, that was merely because I wanted to find one where I did not object to certain policies within but I could not find one.

With the current government it is astonishing that David Cameron really has no moral stronghold in his philosophies; he merely keeps on proclaiming to be against the benefit culture and supports his colleagues Osborne and Duncan-Smith that way. Unfortunately he has chosen the worst murderer of the decade to do so and that is Philpott, to tell the nation that he is against the benefit culture. Cameron doesn’t mind the fact that he lived with 2 wives or had many young brides and lots of kids and even more domestic violence; he only bemoans the fact that it all happened on benefits.

What a strange time to implement a Sink or Swim policy; when the economy is weak, this government tells people to make something out of nothing. I would have understood if any government would have implemented such policies when the economy was strong with plenty of jobs about to choose from but now there is nothing but barren land. When the economy was booming in the 70s, they practically invited people to live on benefits and then there was a strong grey economy also in place and then it all was phased out into nothing it seems.

All the parties didn’t mind then.So it is wicked to first invite people to enjoy what they get for free and then condemn them for doing so. What the current despots forget is that people do need jobs to live on but David has forgotten to mention how he is going to create more of them.

Labour now hints on a contribution based system to allocate housing and benefits. We are again being ripped off by contrasting governments, where one asks us to voluntary work but then the next only wants to reward contributions actually paid. Of course voluntary workers do not pay contributions. It’s both big parties who want something for nothing.

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