Celebrate Lady Thatcher’s death

It happens to all of us one day and we should always make the best of even the last occasion that happens in our life, which is death and funeral. We all deserve a dignified occasion. Whether you love her or loath her you can celebrate the occasion of Lady Thatcher’s death by giving to her chosen charity, the Chelsea Pensioners, which supports a hospice for war veterans.

Lady Thatcher must have been a great and appreciated Prime Minister as she had been elected 3 times into office during democratically held elections. Celebrate Lady Thatcher’s Life and death.

By the way, it doesn’t really raise my confidence in the English/British education system that adults hold street parties to celebrate the death of a Prime Minister. If English education was as good as it claims to be, it would produce more sober adults. I remember that the amount of school provision was fantastic during her reign. Almost each school provided free After  School Clubs till 6 pm. It was under Labour that schools gotten rid of this free service and childcare gotten more expensive. The fact that free milk was stopped at age 7 is relatively unimportant in the light of the much bigger cuts to services that were made under Labour.

I think anybody with problems over politics should engage in a civilised political manner. I do not agree with a lot of political decisions and I think time will proof me right but that is entirely another matter. It seems rather strange that these days bankers get ridiculed over financial decisions but politicians can just get away with political decisions unscathed. Without a doubt the privatisation strategies influenced the ability of bankers severely with regards to profitability.

At this moment in time however, it is practically impossible to get any politicians and the media to see sense, time will play a part though. It is up to society as a whole to sober up and not for a few individuals to stage rowdy and unethical scenes. Society has shown the ability to publicly criticise bankers, they will also do so for politicians when the time is right. For those staging protests that are not worthy of civilised human beings, I ask what is the point even of all that education when it produces primitive behaviour?

In the meantime it would help us all to donate to the chosen charity of Margaret Thatcher, which also doubles as book of remembrance. Donate to the Chelsea Pensioners Appeal instead of lowering yourself if you didn’t agree with her and in support if you were a fan.

Apparently already Australians call Margaret Thatcher racist but isn’t racism what is exactly behind all those privatisation policies? Bob Carr might be very fond of his Malaysian born wife but she lived to his western rules. What Margaret Thatcher tried to devise was a democratic way to keep Christian Britain British but that has not worked very well as we are now being owned by non British financiers and depend on even Russian support to keep all those businesses going.

The  best example is British Rail and train services are now owned and run by foreign companies and British commuters pay over the odds for their profitability and get exploited by the private industry.

Looking at Margaret Thatcher’s stance on Europe, what then brought on large scale opposition to her anti-Europe attitude is today’s bread and butter of David Cameron.

I think Brits have to sober up a bit, I don’t think Britain kept a clear head over the female leadership of Margaret Thatcher, there was always an element of gentlemen not being able to oppose what a Lady would prescribe and not being able to personally not honour a woman. Even Tony Blair erected her statue in the House of Commons, when he is supposed to be in opposition.

I think international money men have made a meal of Lady Thatcher’s ideas. Holding flippant street parties is certainly not going to help.

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