Thatcher tributes

Spent some time today to listen to the House of Commons tribute session. It makes Conservatives more impressive that they were there and spoke. Every time Labour spoke, especially about the miners dispute it was very compassionate and deeply impressive. Yet, if there would have been more Labour speakers it would have impressed me more but because all I have to listen to is mainly Conservative speakers, their point of view impresses into my mind.

One thing I found very puzzling, it is that a Conservative MP said that Labour did not reverse Mrs Thatcher’s policies and that is very strange because they had lots of time in power to reverse her implementations, yet they chose not to. In fact Tony Blair is still one very big supporter of her.

It seems, that local communities, which relied on very specific industry like mining, and lost their jobs because of industrial disputes, are now still wanting to turn back the clock to find work in those old industries. It was also quite apparent that certain skills became obsolete in some industries because there was little training and practise to be had. It is very unfortunate that Labour MPs chose not to attend. I would have learned more listening to them.

Yet to think that each MP claimed £3.600 to attend on the day, perhaps it is cheaper for us all the less MPs attended today’s session.

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