No witches please we are civilised

Having heard that the song “Ding dong the witch is dead” made 3rd spot in this week’s charts, of course that is an incredible coincidence that this occurs the week after Margaret Thatcher’s death, I started to think about this a little bit.

I thought what is the cause of the problem, is it Lady Thatcher or is it the ill-begotten habit that people have with witches?

Women have been burned as witches, quartered, ridiculed, outcast, you name it.  And very unfortunately the witch saga is continued in the very popular film the Wizard of Oz, that happens to deal with good and evil. But apparently in the film there is a good witch and a bad witch, but the song celebrates the death of the bad witch.

Why don’t we just stop using the term witch completely and so clear our minds of bad discriminatory and sexist habits?

The next step down is the ridicule of the Mother in Law, though  this is not so strong but equally sexist ridicule of a lady in authority. The term witch is also pagan and not Christian.

This sexist ridicule of decent women has become very much ingrained into our social behaviour that people won’t even stop using it at the burial of a former Prime Minister.

I am more than certain that there are plenty of men who made harsh decisions whilst in political office but nobody would find a compatible way to ridicule them,would they?

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