They’re going home Uncut

I was just thinking yesterday, it is always easy to look at a balance sheet and then impose policies on those one has no relationship with, in this case the poor or less well off. It’s easy for Duncan-Smith, Osborne, Cameron and the like to impose sanctions against people they never see and have no personal contact with. They do not live in neighbourhoods that makes them meet victims of their policies on their way to work, so they have no eye to eye contact with them.

I live in a ‘poor ‘neighbourhood. My child is losing her best friend whose mother has to move because she cannot afford her rent any longer on her wages. I meet mothers all the time who have to turn to soup kitchens because their benefits have been cut off as their child turns 5. Mothers have had their dole money refused because they could not go to sign on because their child has had a fever. I could not possibly bring my child to school in the morning and trumpet around the playground that I think the cuts are good and encourage people into work when we are asked to contribute to food banks to feed those mothers that are penniless.

Now Uncut has taken the protest to the homes of the policy makers. This way politicians have some personal experience of the results of their policies.

Frankly the cut in housing benefit and the switch to universal benefits will reduce rent levels and all those landlords who are losing out are going to be steaming mad. All our standards of living are going to lower so that we can become compatible with third world markets and can produce goods equally cheap.

Perhaps we are soon not only going to live in shipping containers but also tents and card board boxes, so that the feeling is really authentic, NOT!!!

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