Dougans is at it again

I do not think that this action, Resolution Productions v. Kemp, that is now supported again by the Libel reform, does make good business sense for Britain. All respect for Mrs Kemp who managed to attract work from a foreign customer in Qatar. For my own similar company it was very difficult to stay competitive because the out-sourcing industry has concentrated in India, where companies compete for large out-sourcing contracts from the UK NHS, for example.

I always dreamt to build up a company that can employ people locally and do the secretarial work in pools but we were always out-priced. I did the same work that Mrs Kemp did for years and I sympathise, it was sometimes a struggle to get paid, but that is a matter of drawing up a contract to make the customer pay on time or charge a fine. I was always good drawing up such contracts. There are other legal remedies like going to a small claims court. But can understand that it is not so easy with a foreign based company, but that is a matter of assessing risk prior to accepting a job and putting all resources and expectations into that, especially if one has a mortgage to consider, like Mrs Kemp has, so I understand.

What I never did, was go public about contractual discussions, it has always been a standard business ethic to not air such grievances publicly. It also does not make business sense to do so, as one does not want to put off customers. It definitely alienates customers far and wide if they notice that a company blogs about their work.

In most professions it is not suitable to blog or message about work whether that is teachers or law enforcement or any other profession.

I have found it impossible myself to get back into business since the libel trial lost to Mr Dougans, who threatened to sue me should I say something about him, so much for his idea of freedom of speech. As soon as I tried to advertise business, he contacted me and asked whether I earned any money from the ads,which I also think severely hinders my freedom of expression and ability to trade freely in this country or the world.

Mr Dougans also says he does not want to see Ms Kemp cornered but he had no problem cornering me and at times outnumbered by in the court room by 10:1.

The BBC kindly describes Ms Kemp as grandmother, yet I never gotten such nice reporting, I was rudely and cruelly described by Kangeroo reporting and severely bullied online regardless of my grandchildren and other family who had to witness this.

Britain has to get back on its feet business wise, we were just downgraded again for International credit rating and it does not raise the confidence of the international business community in our services if they get treated over free speech like this because free speech is good but business is also essential.Who would want to trade with us, when our businesses tweet about them online or discuss the contracts on blogs and tweets?

However I fear that Mr Dougans might win again with the courts being not fair and totally unable to withstand a publicity campaign that severely dents the fairness of such proceedings. Qatar is an important business partner of Britain and if Britain keeps on putting Free speech before trade then the trade will lose out. I do not mean to say that we have to forfeit rights and freedoms but we have to be able to strike a sensible balance.

Dougans involvement in my case was one factor of several that ruined my prospects of ever trading again.

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