Childish inspections do not allow improvements

I watch this debacle about OfSted inspections and think they are only used to get insight into local communities for the purpose of monitoring them. What is the point of the government trying to achieve devolution and giving more power to local authorities if in the matter of education, the government can just enter local schools and impose failure notices to boards of governors?

Michael Gove himselfs laments about teachers moaning and not being constructive but Mr Gove should ask himself why this is. Are his inspection reports constructive, do they give teachers guidance that can be used or are they just compositions of moaning?

One local OfSted report used sentences like, “the lessons are boring”. That is something a 3-year old would say. Where is he constructive criticism in this? How can an adult OfSted inspector even make such a judgement.

In one local school, a child had died of cancer. When the whole class was grieving, a oouple of days after that death, the OSted inspector arrived, just to announce that in the class, where this child had tragically died, the lessons were boring and insufficient. There is no compassion in OfSted, there is no understanding about human feelings whatsoever.

Of course Mr Gove will only achieve reactionary refusal of his inspections if the inspections are perceived as widespread nuisance

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