More official nonsense

An official report by a government funded body has now officially declared that many government flagship programs are deemed to failure.

The Mayor Projects Authority (MPA) has declared 32 projects potentially unfit for purpose, this includes the Universal Credit.

I can see it in everyday life situations that the government policies frankly make no sense.

How can a government, that is serious about internal security hassle Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators into giving up their voluntary roles by threatening their benefit status if they happen to be unemployed.

Most watch coordinators have jobs but it can happen to anybody that unemployment strikes, especially these days in the recession; unemployment should never be a reason to stop anybody being a watch co-ordinator but unfortunately the DWP forced me to give up this entirely voluntary post.

Such stupidity on the side of the DWP shows they are not fit for purpose.

Whilst government has some grand ideas, in reality the government is unable to bring ideas into workable reality.

“[MPA’s] report warns that billions of pounds of public money could be at risk because of delays and inefficiencies in delivering key projects.”

Why are we told that this government wants to save money when it just seeks other ways to waste it in fancy ideas that channel money to their approved partners but is wasted nonetheless?

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