DWP should have to pay interest on late beneftis

Currently it is profitable for the government to delay benefits. They do not care how much suffering they cause as long as they can make those few extra bucks out of late benefit payments, they are happy.

But if DWP* would be charged interest at the standard rate for benefits paid later than 1 week after the due date, then DWP* would be very much more careful and not withhold benefits for no proper reason.

Scores of claimants have to go through appeals procedures, often wait for 6 + months to have a judge decide. If found in the claimants’ favour, then DWP* merely has to pay the standard rate of benefit as it was due at the time of the claim.

Even if several months go past and people have to borrow money to buy essentials, the government does not have to pay interest. That is wrong.

New claims must be decided within a week because people get their rent money and if landlords have to wait 8+ weeks for their money, they will not take on benefit tenants.

* Department for Works and Pensions

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