chartered surveyors want and end of rented housing

This is a typical manipulation of the parliament, trying to squeeze out the rented sector altogether and get parliament to give the go-ahead to rob the poor tenants of their homes. I am disgusted with this article that demands more homes for sale, so that they can become cheaper. Apparently the Chartered Surveyors Instituted blames cheap homes for rent for house prices to rocket and comes up with the brainless idea to demand less homes for rent and more to buy so that homes becomes cheaper.

Fact of the matter is, that because there is an unlimited amount of capital available worldwide, any rich person can join the monopoly game that currently helps tycoons to disperse with property among them to buy houses, build hotels and manipulate the English property market to their liking.

There is a very unhealthy tendency to strip the poor of their statutory rights, housing is one of them. It all started with a disintegration of the employment rights, e.g. more nil hours contracts, less long-term employment, went onto schools, e.g. free schools in temporary buildings.

It wants to keep workers on the move without permanent abodes, so that the rich can shift workers around the globe on demand without permanent housing or jobs.

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