Eating out

There is no doubt about it, that each time I ate out, I felt ill after. This was particularly bad yesterday after a McDonald’s meal. I never felt so tired as I am the type of person that never sleeps during the day or in public in any event. Even when I go to bed I do not feel tired as such, I just fall asleep.

Yet yesterday, when I sat in the Catholic Holy Communion class, I felt so tired, I nearly fell off the chair and couldn’t stop yawning. Poor priest, he probably thought I was rude or felt him boring.

Today I feel really ill, my eyes had big black rings underneath, also very not typical for me.

When I went to a local restaurant, Madison fell ill afterwards and even when we went to Giraffe, Madison fell ill after and she is never ill.

There is no point in getting paranoid but since it affects us so badly when we eat out, I decided not to eat out any more.

There are certain meals where a particular portion cannot easily be manipulated and this are instances like school meals for example but most other meals are pretty much individually prepared. Even McDonald’s meals come off a production method that is tailored to individual orders.

That’s eating out for me done and dusted. Not unless I absolutely have to.

Fact is one does not know what is in the production line and where a person that prepared food had their hands prior to serving the meal. I just want to evade extra occasions that could make me ill. Even my child has become more listless since she attends her school’s free breakfast club. Why would anybody offer free breakfast to kids who get fed at home?

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