Destruction of local council-led education

Normally the Government comes up with rational arguments to close down council run schools.

  • With Raine’s Foundation, it’s less demand on places and a needing improvement Ofsted rating. But the reduction in demand came also after the Bobby Moore Academy was started near the Olympic Park where the children suffer from inflamed lungs from the cement dust generated nearby. The fact that Raine’s has one of the healthiest environments for children in the borough is not important to the adjudicators, only money is. “Although the devastating effects of large scale concrete production in the middle of a residential area and next to two schools is already apparent, there are a proposals to build a concrete plant on the site. The proposal will mean 520 HGV trucks going in & out of the site, past the school, on a daily basis.” Qutoe from ER Facebook page
  • In Cornwall, a local 6th. Form school suffered financial trouble when nearby a 6th. Form Academy started, which offered more subjects to study. Yesterday’s parliamentary debate saw the local MP complaining to the Minister for Education, which was rebutted with arguments like more subjects on offer in the Academy school.
  • Historically the government demanded a conversion into Academy status when council run schools failed to achieve academic results. At one time 300 schools were forced to convert.
  • Cyril Jackson Primary school in Tower Hamlets is the proof that the government just looks for reasons to dismantle council run schools because that school is being turned into an Academy, despite having outstanding Ofsted ratings. It is being amalgamated with the University Schools Trust, whose other school is in need of improvement. “Only one of UST’s other schools, Royal Greenwich Trust School, has had an Ofsted inspection since conversion – and received Requires Improvement grade from the regulator. Cyril Jackson is currently rated Oustanding.” Quote from East London Advertiser.

One regular complaint is lack of transparency and consultation.

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