My voice is my only problem

Sounding like Margaret Thatcher pleases the British ear. I am always amazed how English my own children sound. They speak in those posh voices, they certainly didn’t learn from me but know they need to sport to get along.

When I say something, an English person would always reply, what? What? WHAT?

Unfortunately the British toffs are so much addicted to plummy voices, they do not care what you say, it just matters how you say it. You literally cannot get any job without having the correct accent.

That is why I had many wasted conversations with people about logical reasons because I did not use the ‘correct’ tone of voice.

I once saw a doctor about a sore throat and he wanted to refer me to a speech therapist so that I can learn to speak posh English correctly. I refused.

I have had people speak to me like I am having a learning disability simply because I do not sound like a proper English person. It doesn’t matter for me, I just hope they are happy.

Obviously it hinders progress in a society if cosmetic appearances outweight logic.



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