No GP appointment available

I am registered with a local GP practise. I rang up this morning to make an appointment. Expecting a lengthy waiting time, I was amazed to be told that I cannot make any appointment at this time as they do not have any.

Not even online, on the Patient Access site are any appointments to be booked.

It’s totally unacceptable.

My GP surgery is completely closed on Thursday afternoons.

When ringing the GP when closed you are supposed to get put through to the community health services. That put me on a loop, being put onto the same answer machine message 3 times without any recourse on contacting my GP.

On the GP website is a link to an online consulation service, asking for symptoms I answered questions. They then came up with the warning, contact your GP immediately to make an appointment.

Yet the GP does not offer any appointments nor do they answer the phone on a Thursday.

I shall make a written complaint to my councillors, the local MP and also to the GP surgery directly.

It’s totally unsatisfactory that local GPs do not offer any appointments to patients.

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