The Lord Mayor’s show

Really glad I tuned into the Lord Mayor’s show on TV this morning. The brilliant presentation allowed me to understand what it is all about. Having resided in London half a life-time, it seems the one thing I am not quite sure about.

Yet during all this time the Lord Mayor’s show went on each year without fail. Whether we had a Labour or a Conservative government, my husband took our kids to watch the Lord Mayor’s show every year.

This just proofs, regardless who governs, things just go on and on and on and that is a good thing. All the rhetoric about why any person is not a good prime minister or any party is going to ruin the country, just is scaremongering.

We desperately need a Labour government to help the needy. There are more and more homeless visible in our steets, especially around the shopping centres and care for people is really important.

If we dont’ get a government in that actually cares about people we are in danger of creating a forgotten generation of post-2000 children.

We need those Sure Start centres to start up again, we do not free care for the elderly and we even more need free university education for our youngsters.


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