Egg, emotional imbalance

A boiled egg, eaten on a commuter trains caused outrage recently. Somebody didn’t like the smell.

As I was in the process of finding work we were advised not to wear distinctive deodorants on our body because it could upset the interviewing panels, who do not like the smell.

Some interviewers do not like certain colours, hairstyles or other distinctive features of our appearance at the time.

Can firms even imagine how much talent they reject because their interviewers are choosing according to their own preferences?

Statistics show that around 66% of companies get unhappy with their new recruits once in the job. Only a third of US companies measure if their hiring technieques are good.

No matter what algorythms are used for job matching the interviewer will always be influenced by their own emotions and likes.

Obvioulsy head-hunting takes place but that is pre-determined and in specific social circles or using media in certain locations.

Back to the egg. Emotional balance is the word I am looking for. Only being happy if certain conditions are fulfilled like nobody’s eaten boiled eggs or other smelly foods, no loud noises, not allowed to wear green; there is always something somebody isn’t happy with.

That is the new way conditions are dictated by a few on the many and it is a new intolerance that I think we should reject.

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