Assisted dying is murder

Apologies for yet another dark subject in posting. I get a lot of emails from all kinds of organistions, who lobby me to support one cause or another.

Last night, the last one I received was one from Humanists asking me to write to my GP to support assisted dying. I definitely will not. I find nothing more repulsive as when humans ask each other for help with dying.

There is no dignity if one human being helps another human being to die. Especially a GP, who has been swearing an oath to help other human beings regardless of wealth.

There are many religious groups who commit some type of murder. I blogged yesterday about religious child-killers. Often it is some horrible ritual killing to punish for something.

But asking for a group to humanely kill another person is equally repelling.

There is assisted death already allowed in other countries and the recent case of a 17 year old, helped to die because she was tired of life, as she was raped and could not cope with that, is more than alarming. I really do not want to support assisted dying.

That is the problem with Euthanasia, once you got the principle, then it applies to all ages because that is how our laws work.

Anybody who wants to end their life can do so without any help from somebody else. I do not want to give any tips on that but it is really easy, even if you do not have your arms and legs functioning. I am very happy that there is a big opposition for social media tips on how to die. Apparently young people were coaxed into self-harm by being led – via algo-rythm – to more and more self-harm groups once they showed some interest in it.

The fact that people who want to die ask others to help them is in itself a cry for help.

Yes Humanity is facing a lot of problems to come through earth warming, lack of space but we should never revert to savage methods of reducing population numbers by killing those who are the weakest and ask to be put to death.

More and more children have food allergies for example. Yet we need to stay positive and foreward-looking and try to help solving problems with empathy and sympathy for humanity.


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